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General Computer and Network Services


Network Design and implentation

Data Recovery

Website and Email Hosting

We offer and maintain Microsoft Office 365  

Cable and wireless network maintenance

 Maintain company’s Desktops and Laptops

Keep company’s network secure

MSP Services


What is an MSP?

MSP stands for “Managed Service Provider”. For a monthly fee, we can remotely monitor and manage your computers in the background without interfering with your company’s day to day operations.  As part of managing the computers, we work to keep them up to date and secure. By remotely managing your  company’s computers, our system will alert us when an issue arises. Included with our remote monitoring  we keep your systems  secure with our award winning security software.  Our security software will alert us of any security issues. If the computer alerts us, whether it be a system or security issue we can work to remediate those issues quickly as opposed to having to take time to come onsite to fix the issue. This means less down time for your company.